Wall Street Prayer Alliance

A Strategic House of Prayer for All Nations for the Economic Sphere

Prayer brings Revival.

Revival transforms Lives and Communities.

Revival unleashes Spirit-led Creativity.

Creativity produces Christ-centered Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs sustain revival communities with new Structures and Provisions.

Money is not the root of all evil; love of money is

The spheres of influence in the world today whether they are the Government, Family, Media, Business, Religion, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Health Care etc is fueled by finance. The success of any project is determined by the dependance on prayer and diligent execution of the vision. A kingdom of God mindset is critical for success God’s way. Prayer is the starting point and the fuel the keeps God’s purpose at the center of all human solutions.
Our Purpose
Facilitate meeting the spiritual needs of folks  involved with Wall Street. Praying  for revival  by influencing the Economic Sphere of nations starting with Wall Street. Encourage and mobilize the remnant in the sphere of Finance to be good stewards of His resources. Further, nurture intentional disciple-makers in the marketplace by raising kingdom-minded entrepreneurs to affect communities holistically, birthed in prayer. Loving and fearing God first helps loving and serving people  better.
Our Mission
To make an impact in the Economic sphere first and foremost through prayer by inviting the presence of God into those areas. To be an impact by taking action to be the change through the purpose of the Good News. As a strategic House of Prayer to  foster HOPE ( House Of Prayer  Evangelism & Entrepreneurship) Center as an extension to the HOP (House of Prayer) movement. The way we achieve this mission is by collaborating with existing kingdom-minded folks and ministries to mobilize Prayer, Evangelism & Entrepreneurship.



Bringing awareness of repentance and awakening to the Street and the Church.


Restoring the Body back to God’s ways from man-made and ritualistic religion.


Reinstating the basics of Biblical Economy and Kingdom to build thriving communities again like Ezra and Nehemiah.


Reconcile the areas of setbacks and compromise the Ekklesia had with other spheres of influence in existing communities.


Empower the remnant for the work of the ministry and liberation of the world through the Good News.

Jonathan Edwards, from the Great Awakening said that when God has something very great to accomplish, it is His will that there should precede extraordinary prayers of His people. When it comes to prayer, extraordinary is simply a greater urge and desperation to see Christ manifest in us and through us today.


Faith without works is dead; so is prayer without works. When a person prays, faith increases and manifest in actions. A praying individual and community naturally flows with life that reaches out to fellow-human in various capacities.

Find about the Outreach initiatives of Wall Street Prayer.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. -Lao-tzu

Kingdom Entrepreneurship Program (KEP) is twelve week focus group based learning for  entrepreneurs to be intentional disciple-makers in the marketplace.

Beginnings in Wall Street

Just in this millennium New York City has been a victim, survivor of some major catastrophic events such as 9/11 in 2001 and super storm Sandy in 2012 . Many Wall Street corporations were catalyst to the financial crisis of 2008 affecting many economies globally. 150 years ago in 1857 during a similar period of economic crisis, Jeremiah Lanphier, a Christian businessman was called to host prayer meeting in downtown New York during lunch hours of businesses.  This initiative of a call to prayer by a lay person saw 1000s of business folks praying for revival within the next six months and spread across American cities on the east coast time that reached to about two million folks responding to the prayer call. After the 2008 financial crisis, following the pattern of prayer and repentance the Lord moved in the heart of a few believers working in the financial sector to prayer on Wall Street. There were several similar initiatives to prayer and bible study and today there are a few regular fellowships of workplace believers and business persons meeting from early morning to lunch-break hour prayer to evening meetings during weekdays on Wall Street area of New York City.

A Collaborative project

The Biblical or the New Testament way of doing anything has the basis of atonment of Christ. There are several great organizations out there on and outside Wall Street that collaborate to bring in human solutions. The world governments, United Nations, banking systems try to unify to achieve global solutions. Some intentionally seek a one world system without God. Wall Street Prayer Alliance builds on the Biblical solutions for humans. Any careful observation of a Biblical model starts with  prayer. Prayer and repentance is foundational to any progress God’s way. Bible promised a time of latter glory during the time fo the second temple building where the spiritual and marketplace leaders came together to work hand in hand. We are in a new season of colaborative efforts from leaders of all cultural spheres of the society to usher in the glory of God for this generation.

Steve Thompson

Pastoral Director Steve Thompson brings over four decades of pastoral experience and previously a New York Jets defensive lineman leading them to SuperBowl. He has a special heart for Wall Street through unique encounter in 2000. He is currently pursuing His Docotrate in Transformational Leadership and serve the business community to see them relate to the Father in heaven like never before.

Silas Titus

Prayer Director  Silas Titus’s passion is to equip revivalists from prayer movement turned to entrepreneurs to sustain revival communities. He is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with over two decades of cross-border experience in the areas of management, technology, and finance. His greatest passion is to see communities transformed and shaped through prayer and thrive on kingdom-based provisions since his radical encounter with Jesus in 1991. He pursued business and management education to doctoral degree and elaborated his experience in Fixed Income, Commodities, and Investment Banking sector in Finance. He held several board positions in the recognized non-profits in the US and abroad.

Mark Perri

Prayer Research Director   Mark Perri has been instrumental with his decades of prayer research experience to discover the spiritual roots and heritage of Manhattan and New York. He is passionate to see true revival through repentance, cleansing of the land and building sustainable communties. He is also involved in community outreach and serves as the senior Pastor of Immanuel Community church in Flushing, NYC. He also co-ordinates a prayer tour as a guide to historic New York for teams and groups visiting Wall Street.

Danny Kryger

Communications Director Dan Kryger loves to see people come to a living relationship with God and he seeks the same in his own life. Besides he has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector and served as Managing Director for Trading and Operations and Goldman Sachs at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a third-generation Wall Streeter with management, supervision, compliance and leadership experience in the financial industry and works to see a reformed street that brings glory to God.

Bill Tetreault

Outreach Director Bill has over 4o years of experience working with youth and outreach in all the boroughs of New York City. Starting with YMCA his focus had been to bring Christ’s love regionally, nationally and internationally. He has worked with several Wall Street Area collaborative initiatives in outreach and prayer. He is passionate to see true biblical revival and prayer movement in the  educational institutions and businesses in the downtown area in a greater manner than the 1857 revival that was brithed here.

“I am so thankful to participate in the Kingdom Entrepreneur Program by Wall Street Prayer. The fresh perspective of God in business helped us get through some hard times and I am a firm believer in prayer and God’s plan for every individual and business. ”
Jerry DiMatteo, Emerald LLC, NYC
“God did not bestow all products upon all parts of the earths, but distributed His gifts over different regions to the end that men might cultivate a social relationship because one would have need of the help of another, and so he called commerce into being, that all men might be able to have common enjoyment of the duties of the earth no matter where produced.”

Libanius AD 314-393