Wall Street Prayer Alliance

Strategic Initiatives
Wall Street Prayer Alliance engages in Friendship Evangelism, Pastoral Care and outreach events for  Wall Street area.

Friendship Evangelism is reaching out through building one on one relationship  and public outreach events.  Pastoral care is provided on individual and corporate basis.

We believe prayer and reaching out  goes hand in hand.  Our vision is also to empower other Houses of Prayer transition to HOPE centers, Houses of Prayer, Evangelism & Entrepreneurship.

Strategic Areas

Besides the Renewal Movement on Wall Street we would like to be training and sending hubs for future HOPE Centers
Evangelism & Outreach
Operation Jonah NYC was a prayer and evangelism initiative launched in NYC in 2011.

It adopts a model of marriage between prayer movement and evangelism. The more we pray, the more we become aligned to God’s purposes and His heart. One of the things that is dear to God’s heart is reaching out to a fellow in love. Evangelism cannot be detached from prayer. It is for done by them who seek Him in prayer and intentionally reach out to others and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

“..and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah” Matt 16:4.

Jonah in the Bible is related to big fish that swallowed him. Jesus compared the sign-seekers who had hard time believing to sign of prophet Jonah. Like Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days, the Son of Man was buried and resurrected from the dead on the third day. Still today the sign of prophet Jonah remains true. It is the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. The the same sign is given to humanity as the truth that liberates lives. The outreach is thus named Operation Jonah.
It is an initiative of Wall Street Prayer Alliance in partnership with churches and para-church ministries that have been catalyst for the awakening of downtown NYC during summer and fall months since 2011.
Operation Jonah meets for training near Ground Zero site for prayer and training and mobilized to several locations in Downtown Manhattan to share the love.

Get in touch with us for the dates you are interested to be part of the upcoming Operation Jonah initiative.

In the past during our outreach we happened to be involved in friendship evangelism with folks outside Wall Street and downtown area in Manhattan.
School children witnessing during the summer break.

Operation Jonah

Operation Jonah 2011 NYC

Outreach near the Bull

Witnessing during the evening hours near WTC site

Operation Jonah

Preaching in front of the NY Stock Exchange

Operation Jonah

Setting up Prayer Station near World Trade Center

Operation Jonah

Witnessing on the streets

Operation Jonah

Chaplaincy Program
Corporate Prayer Partner is a Chaplaincy ministry of Wall Street Prayer. It’s purpose is to come alongside corporations to boost the morale and productivity of their employees through prayer partnership and spiritual mentorship. It comprises of Christian professionals in the corporate world to provide support groups involved with Corporate America.
Meeting a specific time during week/lunch break for bible study and prayer if a specific corporation or staff are interested.
If there is already an existing Christian group within a company, the staff of Wall Street Prayer work alongside providing them resources and complimenting services that will enhance the spiritual longing of employees.
Providing voluntary chaplaincy services for prayer and biblical counseling on one on one basis with prior appointments for employees.
Wall Street Prayer & Banking
It takes more than individual donations to mobilize an army of Kingdom ambassadors. At one of the lowest points in Jewish history, while in captivity, God initiated the second temple building project. He still commands His Cyruses and raises His Josephs to setup remnant systems mobilizing resources for the end-time kingdom harvest.
  • Creating innovative Capital Markets Products
  • Securitization Products and Solutions
  • Long-term and repeated trade strategies
  • Fixed income investing
  • Portfolio Diversification – prevent over-concentration in specific assets.
  • Risk Management – anticipate and avoid volatility in the marketplace
  • Reliable Returns Over Time –provide opportunities for asset growth
  • To create jobs in knowledge economy and knowledge economy infrastructure
  • Invest in incubators and accelerators particularly in learning, creating and producing products and solutions.
  • Quick cash flow, minimize concept risk vs marketability, scalability
“To see results, pray as though everything depended on God, and act as one depending on God.”
Silas Titus, KEP Founder
“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Matthew 6:24