The work has only begun

The great work of the harvest that many have been hearing has only begun. It is time for the ones in the chambers who cried out to God to come out of the closet and be involved in the wall building like Nehemiah. Some pray a lot and earnestly. Others spend watches of prayer, during day and night. A small group of remnant who were burdened and troubled with the course of the nations poured out their hearts for God to intervene. If rightly aligned they are one of the biggest threats to the powers of darkness and the power structures of the world. King Ahab, one of the powerful kings of Israel trembled every time he met Elijah. Even the powerful Gentile emperors feared the four captive men in the book of Daniel. Many underestimate the power of the remnant and intercessors. Many pastors believe in human intervention more than God’s intervention like rest of the leaders in the world. They rely more on opinions and votes than God’s strength. When it comes to God, there is an issue of inconsistency that fights us to be faithful to Him. An excitement-led prayer is short-lived. During calamities like 9-11 in the USA people filled churches and prayer meetings in droves the next few months. Shortly thereafter the repentance was put on the back burner.  Every time there is a remarkable answer to prayer it is a fresh affirmation that He is still on the throne. Let us not wean off depending on Him and feel a short-termed revival, lasting only for a few weeks or months. He is our continued hope, refuge and daily strength. He is a zealous God. What we mortals have to fight every day is the lethargy and passiveness to pray as prayer is about depending on God instead of depending on ourselves.

A new remnant revolutionary army

On December 4, 1783, an emotional George Washington, commander in chief of the Continental army, had a farewell meeting in Fraunces Tavern on Wall Street. The Revolutionary War had ended three months earlier, with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, and the United States was an independent nation. On November 25 of the same year, the remaining British troops had evacuated the last occupied city—New York. At the tavern, fighting back emotions, Washington broke the heavy silence with the raise of his wine glass. “With a heart full of love and gratitude I now take leave of you,” Washington toasted, as his eyes scanned the room. “I most devoutly wish that your latter days may be as prosperous and happy as your former ones have been glorious and honorable. I cannot come to each of you but shall feel obliged if each of you will come and take me by the hand.” From the year the declaration of independence was signed in 1776 to the actual retreat of British took place around Thanksgiving of 1783 was 7 years. Everything was on line for the sons and daughters of revolution those seven long years. The amazing hand of God was evident all over on a small group of people who won over the mighty troops of Great Britain. The freedom that we enjoy was won with life by our forefathers and fellow compatriots who put their lives and everything on the line. George Washington himself told his wife he will see her before Christmas hoping to be back in a year after the war. But that Christmas did not happen until seven years until 1783.

A New Farewell

Fast forwarding to December 2018, on the anniversary of George Washington’s farewell address in New York City, America gave farewell to the 41st former President George H.W. Bush. In our Wall Street Prayer ministry which we had since the 2008 financial crisis we felt a major shift on that day while we were praying at Fraunces Tavern.  It was a sign of shifting for the remnant to a new era taking back the territories hijacked by the New World Order. Later we were reminded of prophecies that others have made including Chuck Pierce that when President Bush Sr. died we would enter into a New Era.

Remnant Army

Like the small number of sons of revolution during George Washington a spiritual revolutionary army from the remnant is rising in this new era. We need to have the mindset of an army. It is not a comfortable choice but a choice that is paid by everything one has. Families, careers, and even own life is on stake for a soldier. The new era is intercessors going to the next level with sacrificial faith and obedience like one enlisted in an army-the army of the kingdom of God. It is the forerunner to the apostolic movement that many have foreseen coming in this season. During the Pentecostal movement of the 1900s Charles Parham and William Seymour have prophesied another apostolic movement in 100 years’ time. For His glory to arise and a new apostolic movement to be restored in 2019 and bring everything unfinished to completion, the work of the remnant army is important. Just like there would have been no United States without a revolutionary army, there will be no apostolic movement without a remnant army. Such an apostolic movement with Eklessia restored to latter glory need to continue and not die like past revivals in America. The Fulton Street Revival in 1857 started on Wall Street in New York City. The Azusa Street revival took place in Los Angeles in 1906. Both these revivals waned in about 3 years. The extent of the apostolic move in this new era can affect nations and broader spheres of influence because the extent of the kingdom of God that Yashua won by His blood is for all nations. In a supranational world today there are also other factors that influence people and culture than the borders of a nation state. For instance the influence of Hollywood is far beyond United States. It is global. Some call these mountains while others call it spheres of influence. The effect of the apostolic move can also influence these mountains with the kingdom of God. A remnant army united for the purposes of the kingdom in this generation need to arise and build in 2019.