Biblical Business Insights covers a series of insights for the remnant at the workplace to rise up and build at this strategic time. The intercessors from the bed rooms to the boardrooms, from the basement to prayer closets fervently reasoned with God based on the promises in the Word for their nation. During prayer, at times the Holy Spirit gave these unknown men and women (but known by God) courage to decree and declare in faith in the authority of their Master. There were also other times when the same folks had to carry the pain of separation of their fellow countrymen, neighbors and families as a result of following God. Both actions of moving forward by faith and the pressure from their immediate surroundings was not easy. The former requires supernatural boldness. The latter feeling of carrying the weight of the sins and pain of separation from a loving Father was awful. Think for a moment! Jesus had all authority under heaven and earth given to Him. He could have used the power as He pleased. Instead He prayed that the Father take the cup from Him. First of all He humbled enough to pray. Then He prayed to surrender to the Father will, which was even more difficult. crying, “not my will but yours be done”.

One of the key to crossing over to a new season is prayer

There is nothing greater prayer can be replaced with, no matter how big or how important the project is. Folks who prayed as they entered into a new season should continue to pray even more. The great reformer Martin Luther once said, `When I have a busy day I need to spend twice as much time on my knees in prayer.` It does not make sense as one needs to squeeze in everything into 24 hours. But the people who realized the importance of prayer made it their first priority to pray. Prayer is the first step of preparation in the new assignments and projects God has for you. The consequence of not praying was costly one too. Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane while his disciples slept. As a result while Jesus calmly face His traitors there was chaos and confusion among the disciples. They were not prepared to handle the unexpected events of betrayal of their Master by Judas, being left without a leader etc.

Prayer and action goes hand in hand

After He prayed in the Garden there came a time He had to go and face the bitter circumstances ahead of him. “Rise, let us be going: behold, he is at hand that doth betray me.” Matt 26:46. As the saying Life Happens. Prayer is not a means of escapism to run away from life happening. It is an enhancer to stay on course. He did not stay in Gethsemane when the time came for him to go to His assignment. He was not only willing but equipped to face His traitors and the torture of Roman soldiers for the greatest work of all times!

What does business mean?

The term business used in the Biblical Business Insights is not necessarily confined to business as in profit-making activities. It is broadly used to cover every assignment one may have in this new season. For some it could be making tents like Apostle Paul did, for others it could be sitting in jail like Silas and Paul did. And for Joseph it was one time sitting in the dungeon and later feeding the famished of Egypt and Goshen. For others like Ezra it was leading a six hour prayer meeting. For Noah it was building an ark when everyone around was mocking. Whatever your business would be in this season it needs to stand out in two things. 1. It is anointed and 2. It is strategic. Every moment ahead is significant as it is anointed and done in His will. It is strategic as God’s strategy is better than human strategies.

A small group of people with little resources can still accomplish a fantastic job like Nehemiah and his crew did. Nehemiah knew that His breakthrough was because of the good hand of God upon him (Neh 2:8). His assignment was not easy and no other way he could have gotten it done without God. He not only knew it intellectually. Every decision he made was as based on it. He lived by that principle daily which means he couldn’t live a day without seeking the Lord. Prayer was not an obligation or ritual. It was his only life line.



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