Blame game does not work with life just as in trade

Part1-Learn Life From The Markets

Part 2-Sticking to the Plan is Better

While doing a day trade, when one trader wins another trader loses. It can happen across the table or across the ocean. However, some bigger players and policymakers can take advantage over small players by deploying strategies such as market making. There is no such thing as a win-win in a trading environment. It is legal to win or lose since people enter into trade knowing all parties are buying and selling to make and lose money. The disclaimers in small prints in any trading prospectus have more truth than all the expertise one has mastered in in trading like in a chess game. All parties enter the playing field to benefit from each other’s decisions. Some win and many loose.

But life is a more serious gamble than day trading. Every decision matters.

General society tells us that losing money equates with failure and making money equates with success. After a losing day, the trader unconsciously thinks, “I’ve lost money. I can’t do this. If I had just removed my stop, the market would have come back and got me out at breakeven, and then I’d still be a contender.” So what happens is that the trader starts looking for opportunities to remove her stops to not end up with a losing trade. Not on every trade, of course. Just on some trades. And how do traders determine when to do this? It’s easy enough; they just use their “good judgment” while they’re in a trade. And this is exactly when professional traders step in for the kill on the other side. Our poor trader Joe tries to survive in his own world of trading. All the hard work and emotion ends up without success.

Applying everyday paradigm is not guaranteed to work with life

No individual goes into trading with the goal of losing money. Everybody has different intentions. The first thing people do when they enter the world of trading is tap into what has worked for them successfully in the past. Some do life the same way. The problem is that the tactics that an individual uses to achieve his goals in everyday life do not work in trading. While good judgment is critical for an individual who wants to climb the corporate ladder or start a business, we have seen why “good judgment” hardly works with trading because of the many unknown factors. This leads us to what has to be the most painful lesson ever inflicted on the optimistic nature of the human species: the tactics that an individual uses to achieve dreams and goals in everyday life do not work in trading. In fact, they are one of the main reasons for a trader’s failure. The determination, courage, positive thinking, and resoluteness that have made people successful in one area of their life simply set them up for slaughter in the markets. The trader who is unaware of this phenomenon is set up for failure from the very beginning. The one who learns to make less mistakes eventually becomes a successful trader than the ones who makes most profits.

Be positive with life but pessimistic on your own next decision

While the rest of the world views losing as a bad thing, in trading, small losses are the best sign of success. In life situations, the ones who are quick and intentional to learn from the failures is very likely to succeed. The right perspective of life plays a significant role here. The most gravid issue for fresher traders is to reprogram the paradigm from past professions and to realize that in trading, losing is winning. A professional trader’s job is to take small losses. There are only a few days in a month that a trader makes big hits and the rest of the time, a trader is doing his or her job of keeping their heads above water.  The rule of markets is about traders sticking to the parameters that they have set and sticking to it instead of moving up or down based on emotional “good judgment.” On the contrary, the course to wiping out your trade is when going by gut reactions and chasing the latest trends from the news media. Exerting your will into the markets is dangerous. The markets ebb and flow with total disregard for the objectives of the people who are hanging on for the ride. Like rivers making its way to the ocean or trying to get a twister to shift its course by screaming at it traders have a tendency to try to imprint their will on the markets. Is this not how most do life? We rely on our own will and understanding than the comprehensive will of God as He has revealed in His playbook.

Life’s starting point is not in religion but in the source of life

When it comes to the reality of life, most start with exploring the various human versions of religion. To weed through all philosophies can take more than ten lifetimes. Religion has either a familiarity spirit or an adversarial tint that comes with it.

However, many search for something outside the mainline or traditional religions to find the source of strength to make the right choices in life. Just because most religions talk about God or a higher source, the result is not guaranteed. It is true that an opposite sex is required if you like to have a child. That is common knowledge. However to find a spouse is not same as finding a person of opposite sex. He that finds a wife finds a good thing says Proverbs. Pursuing God is coming to the relationship with the One  God. All religions may desire to point to the one true God but may not in its trial and error methods.

Jesus’ role was not same as that of Moses and the rest.Moses brought the law first while Jesus brought life first.

The gospel is less effective when seen from a religious box. Jesus came outside the conventional religious box. Although Jesus loved all equally the ones outside the box were the most receptive to His love. He went out meeting the needs of the individuals who wanted it.

Jesus purposefully stayed away from a religious underpinning. Religion kills the purpose. The letter kills but Spirit brings life (2 Cor 3:6).

He came to pour the new wine. But he has trouble finding the new wineskins. He said new wine has to be poured in new wineskins. Religion does not work as most of the time it is about pouring new wine in to old wineskins. The new wineskins are the ones open to life and not religion.

Including His own disciples, many were clueless in His days about the new wineskin or the new paradigm He was talking about.


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