What if credit card companies gave their clients the freedom to increase credit limit to any amount the clients’ desire? It is normally the creditors that determine up to what amount one can borrow based on the borrowers past performance or history. And still we see many defaults in loan repayments including bankruptcy.

Now imagine a world where the borrowers get to determine how much they can borrow? Do you think that is insane? Welcome to United States! The US government is such a borrower and for the 65th time they had increased their credit limit recently. The country has no means to make needs met unless it keeps borrowing. Forget about the repayment. Quick fix like this could be a temporary relief but the cancer of debt is still destroying our nation. Recently in news it was mentioned that the company Apple today has more cash reserves than the Unites States as a country. Where are we heading to? At this level of debt crisis, no politicians or economists can help us. A borrower is always slave to creditors until can repay fully.

We need to stop trusting in the debt ceiling limit and cash on our Faith ceiling limit! Jesus has given us the freedom to choose our own faith ceiling limit. He can help any situation. If you can believe, All things are possible to him that believes Mark 9:23. Weu can borrow any amount of faith and enjoy His life debt free! He is the only hope for America!