Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Can you recall an instance in your life when desperation knocked at your doors? Maybe you may have more than one such instances . Do you recall how you were able to get out of such situation? Maybe you still cannot figure out how you got. Have you had many such situations in the past? You are not the only person. Welcome to the club.

How often we looked back and thought, “Gee I can’t explain, how I got out of it this time..”.Maybe some of us even prayed sincerely during such desperate times. Or maybe you came very close to praying that time. The more important question is, have you thought about who helped you in such situations? If you are rational being, it does not make sense to believe in coincidences in such situation. It is more rationale to believe that you had the assistance or help from someone in such times.

Whether you prayed or not, the truth that you came out of it is because God helped you. God longs to get our attention so that He can communicate with us. He knows how to get us acknowledge Him. Our capacity is very limited. We are vulnerable. God desires that we acknowledge Him willingly than twisting our arms. All of us are free to make choices. God is a “gentleman” and never will intrude our free will, if we don’t want Him to.

Many people take life easy and live as if there is no God. Free choice does not mean we can live without accountability or being responsible. All humans are given the same freedom to choose between good and bad. We also know that we have to bear the consequences of our deeds whether good or bad. Whether we like it or not, just like on earth, we also need to give account for all our actions to God.

Your life is valuable and so is your story. We are all on the same boat in this journey of life. What is your life story?