Four Positive Things Christians Can Learn From Wall Street Protesters

If we like to see the gospel spread like a movement we should reconsider organizing it as a religious group. By reevaluating our strategies and looking closely to the basics from the Bible we can be assured being a step closer to revival in our lives and congregations. As Christians we need not take sides with the Wall Street protesters, moreover can learn some practical things that we may have neglected to achieve as Christians.

Even without a single leader they unify around an ideology.

What can Christians learn from it? The one blood that redeemed us should tie us together for the cause of the Gospel of our Lord. Not human personalities, personal ambitions etc. Those only come secondary to serving Jesus.

For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast about, for this obligation has been entrusted to me. How terrible it would be for me if I didn’t preach the gospel! 1 Cor 9:16.

They organize themselves around a common passion.

Christians need to organize ourselves around bringing glory to Jesus whether in word or deed. Thus we can grow as the early church did. No wonder….

ALL who lived in Asia, Jews and Greeks alike, heard the word of the Lord.  Acts 19:10.

This would not have been possible with just a few men, like Peter, Paul or the apostles. It was the believers who shared Christ with others, thus ALL heard the word. We need to follow this to experience exponential growth like the early church.

In rain or sunshine they are doing it, even stay in the park with their sleeping bags.

They are passionate for something they think is worth fighting for. When fulfilling the call of Christ we need to be willing to bring hope to a dying world at any cost. Rather as Christians are we not guilty praying selfish prayers filled with our demands and wants?

Not worrying where their next meal is coming from

Having spoken to some of the organizers, anonymous supporters from all over world order food for them online and is delivered to them locally.

Will Jesus look at Christians today and say…Not even in Israel do I find such faith. Matt 8:10. If we are sold out to what they believe is worth sacrificing our lives for we have the passion for the real deal.

May the Lord help us to live what we have been confessing from the pews for so long….