It is an army coming out of the remnant church. It is a small army that brings alignment of nations and mountains to the kingdom of God. This birthing takes place as the intercessory prayer movement rises to the next level of working with the apostolic team work to get the job done whatever it takes. It operates outside the religious framework of “this is how we do it here” church structures.

The remnant revolutionary army is an army of love. They do not operate with guns and swords. The color red is commonly used to represent revolution and socialism in many countries. The color red is also represents heart and love in modern culture. It is also the color of blood-the pure blood of the lamb that was slain for our sins. Revelation 12:11 has a key to success of the remnant army. And they overcame him (Satan) because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony. And they did not love their soul until death.

The effective weapons that the remnant can overcome enemy is the blood of the Lamb and by declaring and decreeing the word of the God testifying with their own life. It is not a chant rather each time a testimony coming from the heart during the battle that will bring down strongholds and gains new territories. Another qualification that remnant has that often goes unnoticed is that all of them are willing to lay their lives for the sake of the cross. No matter what nation that you fight for once enlisted in the army the ultimate cost you pay is with your life. Every soldier knows this very well. This is not a comfortable position at all, but most in the believers’ circles hardly recognize these  keys to victory and overcoming. They like everything else about Christianity except a few things. The remnant army is the new red army that stands on the blood of the lamb, moves in love, fights with the word of their testimony and lay down their lives.



The mission going forward in 2019 is simple. Whatever it takes, get the job done. The religion of the remnant is very different from mainline Christianity or Churchianity. The remnant has passed the threshold of whether they like this church or that ministry. They have transitioned away from relying upon what others can do for them or even what others haven’t done for them.

They all had their fair share of wounds from the world, but mostly from within the church.  It is time to get over licking wounds and to only look for solace in rallying around the kingdom-purposes of God. It is time to finally recognize and live under the Lordship of Christ! This is our command center! It is past the clichés and clicks. The time has come upon us and we have entered a season of “do or die.”  Do His will, die to ourselves, and live to our calling. Or do nothing differently, continue living for ourselves, and die to our calling. The choice is ours, and the time, right now.

The Esther Moment

And Mordecai commanded them to answer Esther, Do not think within yourself that you shall escape in the king’s house more than all the Jews. For if you are completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise to the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house shall be destroyed. And who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for a time like this? And Esther said to return to Mordecai this answer,  Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me, and do not eat nor drink three days, night or day. My maidservants and I will also fast in the same way. And so I will go in to the king, which is not according to the law. And if I perish, I perish.  And Mordecai passed over and did according to all that Esther had commanded him. Esther 4:13-17

Mordechai reiterated to Esther that it is not a great deal for God to send deliverance without any assistance of the remnant. If we choose to back off from our God-given calling, God is not threatened either. But we would certainly miss our calling and purpose for this season. That’s all. Your position or title as a queen or pastor or intercessor is only as good as you rising up to the call of the hour. It is not a position of power to hold on to if we don’t do the work of faith. It is a time to execute the strategies received and to practice what is preached. Esther also chooses to fast with her fellow Jews. Since she was the queen she could have just asked her citizens to fast. “As a senior pastor I will ask my intercessors to do the praying and fasting, but it is not for me” was not the attitude true leaders take. David fasted as a king. So did the king of Nineveh alongwith his countrymen when the nation was warned of Jonah. An intercessor does not just do the fasting and prayer but also sometimes have to risk their lives. Esther’s life was 100% in danger. If she approached the king outside the protocol the chances are she is not going to come back alive. Praying and taking action is a choice we need to grapple with on a daily basis. Jesus reminded us that there is a counting of cost to follow Him. Don’t forget that counting can also lead us to paying the cost as well. No matter what title or influence that you carry when it comes to following Jesus one cannot bypass the test of faith. Esther’s position did not give her a pass to risk her life for the cause.

This is a season for intercessors to lead the way for the remnant church and glory ahead. Intercessors are to be positioned as a remnant army like in the days of the independence.  But at this time the war is for the spiritual rebirth of the nation. The freedom at stake today is spiritual freedom. More than the liberation of the borders it the liberation of souls that is at stake.