If King Solomon lived during our days, he would have used the analogy of the markets in the book of Proverbs. Take a lesson from the ants, …..Learn from their ways and become wise! Proverbs 6:6 New Living Translation (NLT). King Solomon found the ways of ants very interesting. He had discovered some great insights from ants which he passes on to others. The ways of ants are industrious and also wise. He originally uses the analogy of ants which are similar to markets. The ants have no ruler, captain or prince. Financial market movements are independent of individual players.

Learn life from the markets; the movement of financial markets. A trader buys and sells stocks, bonds or other financial instruments but has no control of the behavior of the daily movements of the markets whatsoever.

Life events mostly behave like the financial markets. There are more outcomes in life that we don’t know than the ones we know. Experienced traders never feel that they have the markets under control no matter how many years of experience they carry under their belts. Only a novice trader holds they have a better grip on the markets from their right intuition and judgment. Regrettably, many experienced traders also do think that they have a good grip on the markets and can perfectly determine every move it makes. Some big players in the market are over-confident and feel they are too big to fail. Therefore they feel entitled to be bailed out when they make a wrong move. But in general, it is impossible to have a perfect win-win scenario when dealing with market movements. Perhaps algorithms and high-frequency trading can help gain some advantage but it is still a competition where one’s win leads to another’s loss.

Life and markets are unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. Markets do not care how big or small you are. The markets care less how much money you lose or gain. Markets don’t empathize with the traders. It is the same with life. You who do not know what will happen tomorrow, what your life will be like, says James 4:7.

Making right choices does not come by default

Regardless of one’s number of years of experience, making the right decisions does not come by default. We are not taught to make wrong decisions intentionally, but we learn to make wrong choices anyway. It takes place right from childhood. It does not take any special tutor or education program to train one to make wrong choices. It comes by default within every individual. Further we learn to adapt and become smart over time. And thus learn to be good at covering this default nature of missing the mark. In the Bible sin is referred to as just this-missing the mark.

When it comes to safety we know how to take care of life better. For instance a car that has all the gadgets working well is a pleasure to be driven. But one faulty part can possess a great risk to driving no matter how great the car looks outside. It would be foolish not to address that one faulty part before venturing onto a trip. We know how to address such things immediately or in a timely manner.

If life is that car it is mostly treated differently. Know that we just can’t make life work hundred percent right. So we think it is normal and ignore the little screaking noises.  A little noise in the rear of your car gets a quick attention. Otherwise it puts life in danger on the road and has grave consequences.

To graduate in the school of life, we need to recognize the problem first, and then the chances of fixing become better. The sooner we realize in life that right choices do not happen by default, the crack in the foundation can be fixed.

One of my sons had a healthy obsession growing up. He had a hard time having any homework from school left undone. On the other hand, he hesitated to have anyone check his work to ensure it is done correctly. Getting things done is certainly a good trait. Being more teachable can go a long way on his grades. Unwilling to be teachable with life can sometimes cost life itself.

Fixing a problem is pertinent to right diagnosis in the first place. Unless we pay close attention to the right diagnosis there is no meaningful solution in any problems-solving scenario. Everyone likes a quick fix. But quick or slow fix needs the right diagnosis. In a world of solutions from technology to life issues, lot of such solutions is built on wrong foundation. When it comes to crisis of life situations almost all sciences and religions are built on the premises that humans are prone to committing mistakes like lying, cheating unlike computers that are not subject to fallacy. Whatever a machine is programmed to do it does flawlessly. It is different with humans where bitterness, competition, jealousy are traits that play a big role in decision making.

The screaking noises are found every day in our lives when we let the human behavior affect our decision making with one another. But we pay far less attention to such noises than we do to our cars. There are several reasons that keep us from ignoring the warning lights and screaking sounds. One such is the fear of religion or confusion of religious philosophies. We should understand that human issues are not religious issues rather it pertains to everyday life. If we postpone dealing with issues thinking they are only for religious people is like ignoring a road sign just because we don’t like the color or the words of the sign. For others it is the feeling of vulnerability that keeps them from dealing with the issue of weakness and sin. Any solutions are only as good as how the issue is diagnosed.

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