Money is valuable. Money is hard-earnest for most individuals. For some money or wealth can be inherited. The majority are in the rat race of making money to sustain life and living conditions. Standards on which a person measures living conditions vary depending on his income, social status.

No matter what class one belongs all in some way are participants of this rat race. The way governments and human organizations are programmed is to generate income by taking part in this rat race.

But do we know, where all this started?

It goes back to a time when God spoke to Adam and Eve just after they were expelled from the garden. They were expelled due to their disobedience to what God said. Since then they lost the privilege of enjoying all the goodness of God in the Garden of Eden. Because Adam did not listen to God’s command and rather agreed with his wife to disobey God, He cursed the ground. God also said to Adam that in hard labor you shall eat of it all days you are alive (Gen 3:17). God also said in Gen 3:19 that with perspiration of one’s face he shall eat bread.

This race of toil started that day is the no different from the rat race  except we are a bit advanced and bit more technologically savvy.

What do we do about it?

What God intended and exhorts us is a Plan B that He came up with. It is not a human-devised mechanism or idea. It opens for us to get reinstated with God first. God created human to be with Him when He placed Adam and Eve in the first place. Rat race is part of life, but getting connected back to God needs to be the first priority for every individual who has an opportunity to live on this earth.