Special operations (S.O.) are military, law enforcement or intelligence operations that are “special” or unconventional and carried out by dedicated Special Forces and other special operations forces units using unconventional methods and resources. In the Unites States some examples of Special Operations Forces are Army Green Berets, Army Night Stalkers, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Navy SEALs Missions and so on. SWAT is also a Special Operations unit in the law enforcement. SWAT teams are selected and equipped to solve mission critical assignments which exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement.  The army of remnant is a special operations unit rising in this season-small groups of special operation units of intercessors.

From a remnant standpoint SWAT teams are called for pressing assignments operating with intelligence that comes from the wisdom from the Spirit and using spiritual weapons of warfare. They will know precisely how and what to pray regarding a given subject or situation! They make targeted and strategic prayer strikes led by the Holy Spirit.

Such SWAT teams can be for each state or strategic cities or mountains or spheres of influence like media, business or government etc.

To be qualified in the remnant army SWAT is to be:

Surrendered or fully sold out to Him

Watchful (vigilant and prayerful)

Assurance (confidence in Him)

Temperate (diligent and disciplined)

As the shaking in the markets and governments continue with more uncertainties and shutdowns there need to be quick deployment of different SWAT intercessor teams beginning this year. The shaking is part of God shaking the existing Babylon structures. The Special Operation teams will arise in godly wisdom taking action. If we are positioned right it is also a year of taking plunder from Babylon systems and wealth transfer for kingdom movement.


Strategy is commonly a military terminology. It comes directly from the Greek word strategia which means office or command of a general. Strategos in general means commander of an army. From a business point of view, Gause’s principle refers to strategy in relation to competition between two parties whether it is for a market space or products.

The strategy deployed for God’s projects are different from the world strategies. The Bible states that we don’t compete against flesh and blood or other humans in the first place. For any assignment that comes from God, the first enemy need to be dealt with is the principalities and rulers of darkness. Kingdom work can face intense resistance from people. Obviously the resistance can come directly from individuals for any godly assignment one undertakes. It need not be taken personally as the war is against God’s will and His purposes on earth. So it is better to be handled in the heavenly realm first.

Secondly, as an intercessor know the position from where you operate. The Bible says that our position is more than conquerors (Rom 8:37). The confrontation from people around can urge us to react in the flesh. But more importantly know who the real enemy is and who we are in Christ Jesus. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. We operate from a commanding victory position.

We don’t war to survive; we war from a winning position.

Thirdly, though we walk in human nature we do not execute strategies after the manner of human nature (2 Cor 10:3-6). Our weapons are non-human and it is mighty in God to pull down stronghold. In a war knowing our weapons is important as knowing our position.

Fourthly, after we put on the full armor of God we just need to stand without wavering (Eph 6:13). The hardest warfare is to bring down our own reasoning that fights the will of God within us. Make sure that the formula, submit to God and resist the devil is practiced in the right order. If one goes resisting the devil before submitting to God it leads to great exhaustion.

Fifthly, believe and take action. During the second temple building the initiation to build the walls did not come from the king rather from a few praying remnant scattered across the land of exile. They were the ones who believed God’s words.

Sixthly, Nehemiah’s folks had weapon in one hand and building with the other. When you build also be vigilant. Jesus taught us to pray, but more specifically to both watch and pray. Watch for the enemy while you pray and also pray while you engage in warfare. In other words, as Apostle Paul exhorts us, pray at all times.

In the revolutionary war it was the Continental Congress that supported the troops. Similarly from a spiritual standpoint, the remnant is the Covenantal Congress that dictates the laws on earth as it is heaven. We do not need to make laws. The Bible says that He is our lawgiver (Isa 33:22). He is also our king. We always exalt YHWH. Just like He operates from Zion the remnant on earth also operates from a place of confidence, peace and rest. The remnant operates from wisdom that comes from His Spirit. The knowledge of the holy shall be the stability of our times. The strength of Yashua and the reverential fear of the Lord is our treasure (Isa 33:5-6). The enemy does not care to keep treaties. They despise witnesses and respect no one (Isa 33:8). The remnant shall dwell on high places (Psa 91:1).They take their defense in the clefts of the rock (Exo 33:22). The remnant army is supplied with all provisions from above (Psa 23:1). They shall be supported by living water (Joh 7:37-38). The Lord’s glory shall be their power, means and direction (Isa 33:21).

Unity in the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph 4:3)-this is how a remnant army makes daily decisions. When our decisions are one with the Spirit they flow peacefully or bonded in peace. As the remnant army operates from this place of Spirit and peace, the Lord himself shall be their execution and judge (Isa 33:22). When we are united to the Spirit’s command center, the chains will be loosed and the enemy will start to scatter. God will spread the enemy’s wealth to the remnant (Pro 13:22). The small remnant that seems lame will take the prey (Mic 4:6). Sickness and iniquity will be taken away from them. All these blessings belong to the homecoming of the remnant church back to its original purposes-to the original model of the Eklessia of God.