Why Wall Street Prayer?

One might wonder what prayer has to do with Wall Street. Is prayer only something done in a church or temple? Not really. Prayer can happen anywhere. Prayer is about communicating with a honest heart to God no matter what situation or what time of the year or day. It is also a fair statement that one does not need to be religious in order to pray. Praying in a religious institution is good but prayer need not be solely attached to a particular place.

What has prayer to do with Wall Street? If Prayer is not necessarily a religious exercise and one can pray at any time and place, one can pray at Wall Street or main street. Prayer maybe has nothing to do with Wall Street, but people can be benefited from prayer who work in Wall Street. Prayer goes back as far as the history of mankind. Humans had issues since their existence. Prayer had been a catalyst to communicate these issues to a someone other than a  co-human being.

What is Wall Street and prayer have in common? People. At the end of the day whether we work in Wall Street or do whatever with our lives, life comes down to our relationships with God and people. That is all what is valued when we lie in a casket one day. All that one accomplishes in his lifetime is left here on earth. Nothing is taken. So we came to this world.

Prayer helps us better understand the purpose of our existence on this planet. It helps us establish a relationship with God in the first place. There is no single object that exists without a purpose. Even a trash paper was originally made for some purpose. If that is the case what is the purpose with your life? To understand this one has to connect with God first.  All that one does makes better sense once he realizes what he is created for and connects with the Maker. Wall Street prayer is a humble attempt to connect a person with his Creator.

Every attempt and idea to make money is good in itself. Understanding God can make it more meaningful.