B Life is a ministry to empower workplace believers to become kingdom influencers and leaders in this generation. B LIFE stands for Biblical Living Insights For Executives.


B Life journal provides insights that is encouraging, honest, biblical, practical, problem-solving and driving innovation for the believers in the workplace.
Biblical characters were real people who faced real issues. People in the Bible and our past history who fervently prayed and believed God’s Word saw extraordinary results — from breakthroughs in personal lives to overturning depravation in cultures and nations.


B LIFE is aimed towards executives in the workplace ranging from administrators to supervisors. It also includes business-owners, entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders.


The goal of B Life is to mobilize kingdom influencers and to raise next generation reformers in the workplace — encouraging to take their kingdom assignments seriously and by cultivating a living prayer life. 


B LIFE episodes have a blog, podcast and webcast version.

Why Wall Street Prayer?

Why Wall Street Prayer?

One might wonder what prayer has to do with Wall Street. Is prayer only something done in a church or temple? Not really. Prayer can happen anywhere. Prayer is about communicating with a honest heart to God no matter what situation or what time of the year or day. It...

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